If you are looking for a trustworthy collaboration and the finest coffee bean, there’s a good chance you are in the right place.

We pride ourselves as the agency of successful café. At Vietnam Coffee Republic, we’re passionate about building a republic of kind, like-minded individuals who share our uncompromising obsession for the Viet coffee. Whether it’s the coffee farmers, makers or just the drinkers, we believe keeping good company is the key for VCR to thrive sustainably.

Or, if your office is simply hunting for a well-crafted coffee treat, we can whip up something for you. If you call Vietnam home go here, or if you are in Europe, try this instead.



Being our partner, you don’t have to become an expert in espresso machine mechanics, because we already are. The VCR equipment program allows you to construct the best cup of espresso using the highest-quality machines, at the same time, ensuring to maximize the return on your investment.

You will gain complete access to our certified technicians, who will:

  • Give advice on the suitable machine requirements.
  • Take care of equipment installation, repairs and calibrations.
  • Coach your staff on how to properly operate and daily clean coffee equipment.
  • Schedule and conduct frequent preventive maintenance and services.


Lack of skillful barista? No worries, we got you back. With years of experience in supporting our partners setting up successful coffee bars, the VCR coffee experts would love to share our know-how with your team. Our tailored programs are designed to train your staff to prepare an incredible espresso, while still able to elevate your guest experience. Together with our carefully sourced and precisely roasted coffee bean, we can help you serve it flawlessly.



We will be there from the beginning, at every step of the way. Assisting in the planning of countless café gained us some invaluable insights and knowledge. Ranging all the way from designing the technical set-up of the espresso bar to customizing the drinks menu. The services VCR is proud to offer will beautifully utilize the given space and location, while still guarantee an efficient operation. You are welcome.